Positive Batteries

Packaging is often the first impression that the consumer has with the product. For common household items the design and functionality of packaging is overlooked. This project stemmed from the need for functional and attractive packaging on commonly used items.

While designing Positive Batteries I had two main goals. The first goal was to create an attractive functional package to display and store batteries. I accomplished this by examining pre existing battery packaging to find that most packages were constructed similarly and did not allow for the package to be closed after opening. I designed a package that gave the batteries a presence on the shelf distinguishing them from other brands and creating a folding closable box to contain the leftover batteries. 

The second goal was to create a way for the consumer to easily recycle discharged batteries. Creating a package that is reseal able allows for the user to insert the batteries back into the packaging with the discharged side facing up when you have used its power. Once the package is full you can seal the package with clear tape and drop it in the mailbox. The packaging has pre-paid postage on the back so your batteries will get sent directly to the Positive Battery recycling center.